Peter was forced to sell his belongings after a change in state aid

Peter was forced to sell his belongings after a change in state aid

In England, the British government considered stopping free meals served in school canteens to children from disadvantaged families during certain holidays. This was not the case, but this year the amount allocated for the six-week long holiday has been reduced from £90 sterling to £30.

For some people, this helping of a few pounds a day is a lot of money. Like Peter Ainslie, a resident of Southampton in the south of England. The father of a 15-year-old girl, he finds himself forced to sell some of his personal belongings in order to be able to provide food for his daughter.

Suffering from an illness affecting his nerves and bones, Peter uses a wheelchair and is dependent on his partner Sue, who takes care of him daily. Already needy, it finds itself in even more trouble since the family allowance is low. “Today, I have less than a pound sterling a day to pay for my daughter’s meals,” he tells DailyEco. “There’s only so many things I can sell.”

And inflation doesn’t help. Peter receives £600 a month in support and his gas bill exceeded £200 last month. So he has no choice and is selling his 17 year old DVD collection. Peter repented, “and he will go up.”

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