Pets Cloning: Man’s Best Friend, Again

Pets Cloning: Man's Best Friend, Again

What happens when it hurts to say goodbye?

David and Alicia Sisihart loved their Yellow Lab, Marley, but they never knew that until that day in 2014, they would go with them to the mountains near their San Diego home.

“Alicia climbed over the walking stick to help the path,” David recalled. “And Marley suddenly walked away from me and started pounding the ground where Alicia had reached for a walking stick. And I didn’t know what was going on. Alicia kind of fell back.

“When I looked closer, I saw that it was a rattlesnake,” he told reporter Tracy Smith.

Retailers are common on these roads, which are very ep bho and miles away from any hospital. And Sisiharts didn’t have cellphones with him. Alicia, who was four months pregnant, could be bitten by a snake. Thankfully, 12-year-old Marley scared the snake away – and a few months later, Tashirharts’ first daughter, Maddie, was born. “Marley saved my family,” David said. “And at that point we got emotional, and realized we were in the destiny that we did it in that moment.”

But by then, Marlene had been diagnosed with cancer, and by the end of Thanksgiving weekend 2014, it was clear that the end was near.

Alicia said, “I just remember the last thing you said to him, you know, you just kept saying, ‘Thank you for being the best dog,'” Alicia said. “And I was just crying, and his hand. Was holding. “

David said, “He, yes, whatever he was doing, you know, just came out of love,” David said.

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And his love for Marley was so strong that he never really let go. So, turned to Tshirharts By pets, in Stein, a Texas company that has cloned hundreds of pets for a crowd of thanksgiving owners, including (according to Melanie Rodriguez, Viagen’s client service manager) Barbara Streisand: “We did, yes – her dog died. And I think she knew what she was doing, and we were able to get the sample very quickly. And there’s actually more than one puppy born.”

Marley and his Yellow Lab clone, Ziggy.

CBS News

Rodriguez said it works like this: Your veterinarian takes a tissue sample from your pet and sends it to Viagen.

And for as little as 50,000, the company will culture the cells, create embryos, plant in a surrogate and deliver a clone of your loved ones.

But animal rights groups say forcing dogs and cats to become surrogates for clones is simply inhumane.

Smith asked, “Did you know that the Human Society says that pet cloning should be made illegal?”

“I understand that,” Rodriguez replied. “And they certainly deserve their opinion. We have a lot of customers who would be very upset if this were the case. So, we get consistently positive feedback, wonderful notes of appreciation, that our customers are very happy that this is something that Which we provide. “

And enjoy the word athearts of sushihertz.

Marley’s clone, Ziggy, is the yellow ball of hilarity. But for David and Alicia, it’s nothing short of Marley’s reincarnation.

“They rang the doorbell with the dog, and I just stood there with my mouth open for five minutes, because I just couldn’t believe how accurate it was,” said Alicia.

“That’s exactly Marley’s twin,” David said. So, guess what, the same atmosphere. So really, he has become the only dog. “

And while pet cloning is still controversial, it can mean, at least for some, with the right amount of love, science and money, you never really have to say goodbye.

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