Physiology’s “Metro” Ivan Georgoulakis Explains How Our Eyes, Noses, and Expressions “Speak”


When we meet a person for the first time, his image gets imprinted in our mind. Using this “photocopy” of their face we try to analyze their personality and “read” what they have in mind. However, at some point, we get into a state of wondering if what we are thinking is too much. After all or not?

Can each person’s features, the nose, lips and of course the eyes that say they are the “mirror of the soul” give us the answers we are looking for?

We can see a lot in human faces, according to personal communication consultant Ivan Georgoulakis, a physicist. It is possible to distinguish the emotional and brain of a person “here and now”, decode expressions and see with the “naked” eyes the real image of our interlocutor.

“I started with an artistic background. I made portraits, caricatures and political sketches. So I wanted to be able to understand the personalities psychologically, behind what I saw to capture them more accurately. for understanding “ Ivan Georgoulakis speaking to Newsbeast about his first “step” in physiology.

Ivan Georgoulakis specializes in morpho-psychology, an evolutionary method that decodes the information emitted by human faces.

he is the founder of true face which focuses on the development and optimization of each individual’s communication skills and provides consulting services, executive coaching and a framework of personal communication to businessmen and politicians in Greece and abroad. Through this true face Evan Georgoulakis conducts training seminars on physiology, personal communication, technical presentation and public speech.

What exactly is physiology?

It is a methodology that studies features, facial proportions and draws conclusions about personality tendencies and biases.

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To study the face is divided into zones. The upper (i.e. from the front) that reflects the ability of the brain, that is, how we see things, for example, we make decisions quickly. The middle which includes from the eyebrows to the root of the nose (where all the sensory receptors are located) and holds our communication with the world, that is, the emotional and the lower (up to the chin) which reveals the energy reserves of the individual.

“On the basis of the morphopsychology-physiology that observes facial proportions when a person is calm, we can understand the deeper tendencies and predispositions of his personality. Another part is the micro-expressions which are muscle contractions that we hold for a few seconds. before we say something verbal and it shows you a person’s “here and now” when he speaks. That is, what he says is connected or agrees with what he feels” Ivan Georgoulakis explains.

“Physiology Began in Greece”

As reported by Ivan Georgoulakiso Physiology has Greek roots. “It started with Empedocles, who talked about the four elements (air, fire, water, earth) and linked them to people. Hippocrates took it to the next “step” with the four temperaments and with the psychosynthesis of individuals. correlated health issues.

“The typology of temperaments is still used today. The last famous of the ancients was Aristotle who wrote about physiology and linked the characteristics of people with those of animals”, explains the physiognomist.

“To me, physiology is a tool that everyone uses in their daily communication and that’s how I practice it. The issue is what’s inside us, what are the elements that are inherited and we Learn how to use your strengths and communicate with more fruitful communication” underlines Ivan Georgolakis.

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“I mainly conduct in-house seminars for executives and not just on personal communication, human resource management and even sales.

Physiology can help people better assess trends, find their strong points. “We’re working hard on that,” he explains.

What does the face of Caroline’s confessed murderer reveal about her personality?

In the context of conjugate babii anagnostopoulos Ivan Georgolakis insists: “Although he seems to have a balanced face, he has some evidence showing that there is an excess of certain boundaries. One feature is his mouth. It has symmetrical, fleshy lips that show passion but are greasy because they do not contain any sophistication.

His emotions and passions turn out more raw, Chetan has no control. His nose shows intense psyche, strong disposition, strong will and desire to satisfy his feelings, his passions etc. His nose is slanted and his nostrils are triangular, indicating that he needs control, he is possessive. The lobes in his ears join with the jaws indicating there is no control and he is overcome by passion. Eyes deeply placed, he is attentive and introverted. The upper area develops which captures the subconscious imagination.

Ivan Georgoulakis Compares Kyriakos Mitsotakis’s Face to Alexis Tsipras

Physiognomist, personal communications consultant Ivan Georgolakis, speaking on Newsbeast’s camera, proceeded to analyze the Prime Minister’s face kiriyakou mitsotaki and the leader of the official opposition, Alexis Tsipras.

“The Prime Minister has a good memory, a good imagination and developed arched eyebrows. Tsipras He makes quick decisions while Mitsotakis shows he is an introvert”, he says.

What does Trump’s face show and Biden’s face

Former US President Donald’s Face trump And current US President Joe Biden is very different, according to Ivan Georgoulakis.

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“The part of Biden’s brain is more vertical, which shows that he has control over impulse. “Trump is an observant person and has a lot of intensity when he thinks,” he underlines.


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