Plant in the trench is not repairing the road

Plant in the trench is not repairing the road

Plant trees in a pit: If there are pits in the middle of the road .. We will caution motorists of any stick or green twig. But, the local people got together and planted the plant. The fact is that it was not designed to warn motorists. This was done to resist failure to repair the damaged road. Locals in the Diamond Creek area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAustralia responded in this manner.

The area between Melbourne-Victoria is called Diamond Creek. Recently a pit has formed in the middle of the road in that area. Motorists going in the opposite direction, who are not aware of the area, are at risk. No action has been taken by Corina officials to complain and react to the issue.

The local council said that the issue falls under the Victoria Road section. Waremo told Victoria Roads that it was a metro train problem and denied that it was his. Disappointed by the authorities changing their mind when no one cared, the locals planted a plant in a ditch in the middle of the road.

Due to the negligence of the officers .. to show their myriad .. Some people took a picture of it and posted it on social media and it went viral. Netizens reacted differently and praised the accuracy of bringing the issue to the attention of officials. Others are having fun .. It would be nice to have a park bench in front of the plant .. Comments.


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