PM Hamdok orders dismissal and ban on government appointments

Soudan: le PM Hamdok ordonne de suspendre les limogeages et les nominations gouvernementales

AA / Khartoum

Sudan’s Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok on Wednesday issued a directive to immediately suspend dismissals and civil service appointments in all government institutions.

A directive issued by the Prime Minister’s Office, reviewed by the Anadolu Agency, said that Hamdok “ordered the immediate suspension of dismissals and appointments in all government institutions at the national (central government) and state (state governments) levels. States.” ) until further notice”.

According to the directive, Abdullah Hamdok “decided to submit the recent appointments and dismissals for study, evaluation and review,” without providing further details.

Since last October 25, the Sudanese army commander, Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, has issued dismissal and appointment decisions in government ministries, institutions and enterprises, following a serious crisis in Sudan.

The situation followed a state of emergency established by al-Burhan, which dissolved the Sovereignty Council and the Council of Transitional Ministers and ordered the arrest of party leaders and ministers and senior officials, within the framework of qualified measures, governors. was dismissed. Popular demonstrations of political forces and “military coups”.

Abdullah Hamdok and al-Burhan signed a political agreement made up of 14 articles on Sunday, the most important of which is the prime minister’s return to office, and that, nearly a month after his sacking, formed a government of competence (without affiliation to a party) and the release of political prisoners. Both sides resolved to work together to accomplish democratic transformation.

* Translated from Arabic by Munir Benour.

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