Poisoning Alexei Navalny: Russian Minister Sergei Lavrov says CNN-Bellingcat reports were ‘funny to read’

Poisoning Alexei Navalny: Russian Minister Sergei Lavrov says CNN-Bellingcat reports were 'funny to read'
“We are already accustomed to the fact that the United States and other Western countries have only made another set of allegations against Russia in the media. Be it hackers“Or Navalny has some kind of excitement about double or triple poisoning,” Lavrov told a news conference after visiting Croatia.

“It’s funny to read all this news, but it says only one thing – or the way this news is presented in this way – that our Western partners have no moral standards and in general diplomatic work There is no lack of skills., And [have] “Reluctance to comply with international legal norms when it comes to finding facts.”

“And [West’s] Here’s the logic: ‘Look, we’ve announced … new facts discovered by German special services about the poisoning of the novel, and Moscow has been silent for two days – if it is silent, it means it is guilty.’ In my opinion the fault of this approach is obvious to any sensible person, ‚ÄĚLavrov said.

On Monday, CNN and the investigative group Belingkat published a special investigation that found evidence that Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) had formed an elite team specializing in nerve agents, leaving Navalny behind for years.

The CNN-Bellingcat investigation identifies Russian experts who put Putin's name behind him before poisoning Alexis Navalny.
Naval fell ill during the four-hour flight From Tomsk to Moscow on 20 August. The captain of the plane turned to the city of Omsk and requested medical help and it was later learned that the Russian opposition leader had been poisoned by Novichok. He almost died.

Lavrov’s remarks reflect the Russian official’s first reaction, as officials have largely refrained from commenting on the findings. The Kremlin canceled its daily press briefings on Tuesday and Wednesday due to “preparations” for President Vladimir Putin’s annual news conference on Thursday.

Navalni told CNN that He knew Putin Of extended shading operation before poisoning. “I’m convinced Putin was awake,” Navalny said Tuesday during an interview with CNN’s Christian Amanpore.

“Such skill management and prolonged operation (Russian Federal Security Service) would not have existed without the judgment of the President of the FSB, Mr. Bortnikov. And he would never have dared to do so without the direct order of President Putin.”

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Several senior officials, including Alexander Bortnikov, were subsequently banned by the European Union, saying they were “responsible for providing assistance to those involved in or involved in the poisoning of the novel”.


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