Polexito’s splitting ghost: what to do for Lithuania told

Polexito's splitting ghost: what to do for Lithuania told

A new cacti in the conflict between Poland and the European Union. The Polish Constitutional Tribunal (CC) has ruled that part of the treaty with the European Union is unconstitutional. Thus, the Polish CC disputes the supremacy of EU law. Although Polish officials assure that the country does not intend to withdraw from the community, Brussels is tugging its finger and talking about the painful consequences.

This is another chapter in the conflict between Warsaw and Brussels, which has been going on for many years. Reforms of the Polish judiciary, possible restrictions on media freedom, and the rise of LGBT-free zones in Polish cities are some of the hot topics that have plagued Poland and the European Union. Relations between Warsaw and Brussels began to heat up since 2015, when the Pravo i Spredlivosk (PIS) party, led by Jarosaw Kaczyski, came to power.

suggests waiting for the court’s intentions

The Conservative Audronius Aubulis, a member of Semas’ foreign affairs committee, said this was not the first time that an EU member state’s court has challenged the primacy of community law.

“The German Constitutional Court has made such a public official statement that it reserves the right to assess EU legal norms in terms of future compliance with the German Constitution. This is a serious enough statement, so I am here to say nothing new. does not dare,” A. Azubalis compared the decisions of Poland and Germany.

audronius azubilis

According to the politician, it is still difficult to assess the basis on which the Polish CC decided that certain articles of the Treaty of the European Union are in conflict with the Polish constitution, as the court has not yet made the reasons for such a decision public. has done.

“It is difficult to say on what basis the CC took this decision. You just have to wait, ”said A. Azubalis in the show“ Dinas Piejovice ”.

took the controversy to a dangerous level

Liberal Petras Austravicius, a member of the European Parliament, said the CC’s decision was a very legal and political statement.

“This means that the Polish constitution takes precedence over EU law, in other words, the CC disputes the principle of the supremacy of European law, which is a fundamental principle in the European Union.

Without it, virtually no European integration action or substantial progress is possible. In other words, this is a statement that destroys the European Union, which means a lot of all kinds of complications and problems today and in the future, ”P. Austravicius is convinced.

Meeting with Petras Austravicius

MEPs saw the situation as a continuation of a political dispute between Poland and the European Union. CC’s decision, in the opinion of P. Austravicius, escalated the entire controversy to an alarming level.

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Liberals did not agree that the decisions of the German and Polish courts were identical. Mr Austravicius said last year the German CC had expressed doubts about whether the European Commission could borrow on behalf of the EU. However, according to the politician, the European Commission immediately initiated the infringement proceedings against Germany and the court had to withdraw.

Poland looking for a settlement because it fears becoming second class?

According to P. Ostravisius, the reaction of most EU members in Brussels and to the Polish CC’s decision was negative, critical and “encouraging Poland to wake up”.

“The EU is not going to back down. It has a lot of critics in the European Parliament. My interpretations are nothing in comparison to the position of some allies. The criticism against Poland is strong enough,” he said.

Polish legal expert on the country's divisive judicial reform: it's legal authoritarianism

MEPs recognized that the Polish rulers eventually realized that the “stick” was bent. According to P. Austravisius, this is revealed by several things.

First, one of the PiS’s main representatives in the European Parliament, Ryszard Legutko, issued a public letter in which he said that there would be no Polexito and that it should be stopped.

“I take it as a willingness to speak up and quell feelings,” said P. Austravisius.

According to the politician, the fact that Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki is seeking permission to speak at a meeting of the European Parliament and explain Poland’s position is further evidence that Polish officials are slowly pulling out of the conflict. Looking for a way out.

“I accept this as Poland’s desire to find a settlement. I really don’t believe Polexite will. Poland could push itself to the status of a secondary state, not fully integrated into the EU . Which is not a good thing for us either,” said the interlocutor.

Matuszas Moraviekis

Polexite – a myth created by the opposition?

A. Azubalis agreed with the opinion of the Polish rulers that talks about “Polexite” are strongly promoted by the country’s opposition.

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“Knowing the Polish pro-European point of view, there is unconditional support for the European Union, it is very useful politically when such conflicts occur, to talk about the fact that “law and justice” Poland Preparing to withdraw from the European Union.

“This is an unprecedented game and, I think, many people in Poland are intimidated by such opportunities, and these latest actions of Polish leaders show that they want to reject it and they deny it,” said A. Azublis. assured.

The deck of the house of cards may begin

According to the Conservatives, this is not the first time there has been conflict between EU institutions and member states, only that the conflict between Warsaw and Brussels has intensified.

“I honestly do not believe that the current Polish leadership is preparing for such a decision (withdrawal from the European Union – aut. past.), certainly not. But, on the other hand, without involving the media, wise Negotiations, intelligent negotiations, which will only heat up next time, can yield results and some agreements will be made, ”said A. Aublis.

“Otherwise, the deck of cards will start over. And this will be a bad sign not only for Poland, but also for Lithuania, the Baltic states, here’s what to say, the whole of the European Union, ”he said.

Austravicius: The Poles Played

P. Austravisius does not think the situation is dramatic. According to MEPs, the Polish ruling majority “played” in conflict with the European Union and lost its sense of reality.

“This constant dispute between Warsaw and Brussels is about more than one issue. There are a good five or six issues on which there is disagreement. Constant disapproval or an outright construction of the situation without trying to find a solution creates a crisis situation.” does,” the Liberal said.

Polish legal expert on the country's divisive judicial reform: it's legal authoritarianism

The beginning of the conflict between Warsaw and Brussels can be linked to the coming to power of justice and justice in 2015. Reforms of the Polish judiciary, possible restrictions on media freedom, the independence of LGBT-free zones in Polish cities, and the crossing of the UNESCO-protected Belowiela Forest are issues that have sparked many sparks between Polish and EU institutions. .

According to Austrawisius, the Polish ruling majority wants to show that it is extremely strong, has an irrefutable opinion and that they have the exclusive right to behave as they wish.

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“Sometimes such thinking creates limitless room for political action, where they simply come into play. That can mean staying in power for too long and having a majority that gives you the ability to act without thinking. This is not a good thing, as it does not favor anything, especially in the regional context, ”the politician argued.

“Ultimately, we need to see who supports Poland – Orban. Is this really a sign of credibility in the current EU? Does Orban have the potential to be a sign of positivity of political confidence? I think This is a weak support for the position of Poland,” P.V. Ostravicius said.

The Prime Minister of Hungary, V. Orbano

What to do for Lithuania?

Which side of the conflict should Lithuania – Poland or the EU take? A. Ažubalis said that Lithuania should speak up for a constructive, fair dialogue between Warsaw and Brussels.

Nevertheless, the Conservatives threw stones at the leaders’ garden in Brussels. He recalled the case of Frans Timmermann, Vice-President of the European Commission, who refused to take a picture with the Prime Minister of the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

“This is a sad example of the arrogance of some EU institutions. And the member states seem to be,” A. Azubalis said.

According to P. Austravisius, a neutral position in Lithuania is not necessarily the best option for our country.

President of Poland Andrzej Duda and President of Lithuania Gitanas Nausdan

“In general it is possible to get away from anything and just think about infrastructure projects of some sort. The European Union is also a political union, and it is certainly not the same for us because all the rights and principles of all countries apply in.

We may not need to consult and advise you on what to do in each case. But to advise Poland, not to go further into the dispute and find a good solution, to pacify them and prevent them from making necessary mistakes – the voice of a good neighbor and perhaps even a duty, ”p. Ostravicius said.

You can see in the video “Section of the Day” show A. aublis and P. You can watch the full discussion of Austravisius, which you will find at the beginning of the article.


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