Political animal: brought a bear to an election rally

Political animal: brought a bear to an election rally

The California gubernatorial race, which is currently in full swing, has already led to several unusual incidents, including the candidacy of the Kardashian family’s transgender woman, Kaitlyn Jenner.

Now one of the candidates was surprised when he picked a giant bear weighing 500 kg with him in the election rally.

John Cox, one of the Republican candidates for the position, stunned attendees at his election rally when he attended a rally with a Kodiak-type bear, considered one of the largest species.

Cox is campaigning under “Beauty and the Beast” under the role of “beautiful” played by Gwyn Newsome, the current Democratic governor of the Democratic Party, while Cox calls himself “the beast” and claims “he will be the beast” “Which will shake up California politics. Illustration of giant bear.

Cox’s Twitter account also appears under the name “John Cox the Beast”. Cox himself addressed the crowd standing in front of him, while a special caretaker who was with him sometimes took care to feed the giant animal.

Cox told the cheering crowd in front of him, “The bear is there to help me get my message across. We made sure everything associated with the bear was handled in the best way.” He said the bear’s name is a “tag” and said that “handsome politicians have failed in California. We need big and beastly changes. I intended to reduce taxes, make California cheaper, and replace Sacramento.” Am, ”said Cox, who has lost 2018. The incumbent governor is over 20 percent of the incumbent’s election.

Not all of America welcomed Cox’s marketing ploy.

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By the way, the bear was a little less interested in its owner’s election speech, which apparently lost the attention of viewers who mainly focused on the giant bear in front of it.


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