Political crisis in Italy – Giuseppe Conte survived, but weakened

24 heures

The prime minister snatched barely enough votes from senators to continue to govern, but now has no stable majority.

Giving the senators who joined their majority, jeopardizing the ministerial divisions, Giuseppe Conte collected enough votes to remain in his post.


On Tuesday night, Giuseppe Conte’s government won the Senate’s trust by 156 yes, 140 no and 16 restraints. A trompe-loyal result that does not nominate any winner Duel that beat Giuseppe Conte for weeks against Matto Renzi. Despite the departure of his party, the majority of Italia Viva, the former mayor of Florence, did not receive the council’s president as expected. In protest since the resignation of Italia Viva’s ministers, but inconsistent with the right, Renzi is now isolated.

But Giuseppe Conte did not reach an absolute majority of the Senate which requires 161 votes. He is in the minority on many parliamentary committees, where most legislative functions are held. Every vote in the Senate turns into a defeat. Faced with the epidemic and while Europe is preparing to hand over 209 billion to Rome, executive governance is in no position to govern.

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