Pope’s public interview: Freedom comes from the love of God and grows in love – Vatican News

Pope's public interview: Freedom comes from the love of God and grows in love - Vatican News

In a public interview on Wednesday, Pope Francis explained the freedom of the Christian faith. He said that freedom is not in turning away from others, viewing them as an annoyance that restricts our actions, but in loving our neighbors within a group.

(Vatican News Network) Freedom is not about “dissatisfaction”, about following one’s own will and selfish impulse, but about serving one another: “In serving we become free people.” Pope Francis emphasized the above ideas during a Wednesday public reception hosted by Paul VI Hall on the morning of 20 October. This time the doctrine of the doctrine still uses the “Book of the Wrong” as the subject. The apostle Paul said in the book that freedom is by no means “an excuse for the enjoyment of carnal desire” (cf. Galatians 5:13 -14).

The Pope said that the apostle Paul used this epistle one by one to “introduce us to the major new ideas of the faith”. In fact, we have received a “new life” through the sacrament of baptism, and have received the greatest grace of being children of God. Therefore, we have changed from a belief in following the rules to a belief in life, centered on a life of unity with God and brothers and sisters, that is, a life of charity. Once again, we face the gospel paradox: “By serving, not doing what we want, we become free people.” Here again, the Pope gives the example of Jesus’ disciples washing their feet.

“Without love there is no freedom. What one wants to do is not freedom, for it considers itself only and bears no fruit. Only through love: it is the love of Christ that sets us free, And this love enslaves us. Most frightening, our ego is free, it can be seen that freedom grows out of love. But be careful: it is not a love of inner feelings, nor is it an imaginary love, nor is it Seeking only the passion we love and want: donate not by these, but by the love we see in Christ: it is truly free and free love.”

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That’s why the Pope emphasized that when we follow our instincts and fail to exercise our freedom, we will feel a great emptiness, which is nothing but “a freedom in the field”. The Pope cited another letter from St. Paul. The apostle replied to those who misunderstood freedom and thought that everything is possible: “Everything is possible, but not all good!” (1 Cor. 10: 23). seek your own interests, but also the interests of others” (ibid., 24). The Pope said, “It is a denial of any selfish law of liberty.” To pursue his hobby, Paul puts the need for love first.

“The only thing that makes others and itself free is freedom led by love. It knows how to listen, but does not coerce, it knows how to love, but does not persecute, it creates without destroying , does not use others for their convenience, and treat it as they please. They do not seek their own benefit. In short, if freedom is not for service, if freedom is not for good, it is doomed will be and will not be fruitful. If freedom is not for the good, it will not be fruitful. On the contrary, the freedom which inspires love will go to the poor and see the face of Christ on their faces.”

In fact, when Paul spoke of the freedom given to him by the other apostles to preach the gospel, he emphasized that they only commanded him to remember the poor. “It means that your freedom as a preacher should be the freedom to serve others, not your freedom to do what you choose to do,” the Pope said. The Pope therefore emphasized the realm of an independent group rather than an individual, which must be rediscovered at this historical moment.

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“However, we know that one of the most popular modern ideas about freedom is ‘Your freedom begins, my freedom ends’. But it lacks a relationship! It is an individualistic view. In contrast, Who is after salvation The grace that Jesus did will not think that freedom lies in keeping away from others and treating them as trouble. He could not see people hiding themselves, but always in a group The social dimension is there for Christians. It’s extremely important, and it makes them focus on the public welfare, not the private interests.”

The Pope concluded that the pandemic has made us realize that we need to help each other, and that we must believe that others are not a hindrance to my freedom, but to my freedom to fully realize it. “Because our freedom comes from love. God’s, moderate growth in love”.

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