“Predatorgate”: the spying scandal that shook the Greek government

If the revelation of the Leader of the Opposition caused noise in Greece, it would really only represent the tip of the iceberg, the “catalyst” who set the powder on fire. Earlier, investigative journalists had already disclosed that they themselves were conducting surveillance with the same software. Therefore, some are concerned about the extent of the phenomenon.

Today no one can say how many and which politicians, journalists or other citizens suffered breaches of privacy.

– Alexis Tsipras, former Prime Minister of Greece (2015-2019)

Eliza Triantafillo, Inside Story JournalistThe investigation began in January following the publication of two reports from the University of Toronto Citizen Lab and META (Facebook).A new spyware titled Predator with customers and targets in Greece“especially.

,These reports at the time were ignored by the (mainstream) Greek media because they revealed that the Predator was probably bought by the Greek government., Eliza Triantafilou reports in a recent article, According to him, the Predator is marketed in Greece by the company Intellexa, which has premises in the country and “links” with the state.

Last April, Inside Story published the first confirmed case of Predator use in 2021 against a Greek journalist, a European citizen thanasis kaukakiso, specializing in corruption cases. Already in November 2021, left wing daily fsin Investigative media exposes journalist Solomon’s “surveillance by EYP”, stavros malichudiceSpecialization in Migration Affairs.

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