President 2022: Politicians and celebrities take a stand

Présidentielle 2022 : politiciens et célébrités prennent position

A few days later, the athletes’ appeal was followed by a group of about 500 artists, actors and singers. in the same newspaper, ,We sometimes have differences, conflicts, deep disagreements with power.Write Gilles Lelouche, Pierre Arditi, Clara Luciani or rapper Black M. But if, for some of us, the results of this first round were not as expected […] No hesitation, no doubt, no hesitation for us today. We do not equate democracy and populism. We will never allow ourselves to dismiss a democratic government and a national rally one after the other.,

Abroad, the Russian question suggests balance

Unsurprisingly, many foreign leaders have shown sympathy for the outgoing president. which led, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau insisted that “that would be a good thing To Canada and the world that we can continue to work with Emmanuel for years to come,

For his part, former Brazilian President Lula, who said he was ready to return to politics next October against Jair Bolsonaro, posted a message of support (in French) for Emmanuel Macron on Twitter: “At this critical moment, I believe in a union of defenders of liberty, equality and human rights around the candidate who best embodies democratic and humanitarian values: Emmanuel Macron,

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