President 2022: Truth of candidates’ false statements during Macron-Le Pen debate

Montage composé avec des captures d’écran d’images prises lors du débat opposant la cheffe du parti d’extrême droite Rassemblement national (RN), Marine Le Pen, et le président français Emmanuel Macron, candidats à l’élection présidentielle française de 2

We have doubled the rate of reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in this five-year period […] (Emmanuel Macron)

Has Emmanuel Macron really doubled down on reducing greenhouse gas emissions? , it’s rather wrong,

This figure of +100% presented by Emmanuel Macron is overrated. Between the start and end of the Dutch five-year term, greenhouse gas emissions in mainland France had dropped by about 5%. Between the end of 2017 and the end of 2021, they fell by about 6.9%. This sharp decline, but not in the proportion indicated by Emmanuel Macron, is driven particularly by the containment measures taken in 2020 and the associated decline in activity, Czech News Analysis,

It is an economic model based on free trade that accounts for a large proportion of 50% of greenhouse gas emissions in France.

Imports to France “represent 50% of greenhouse gas emissions”, according to Marine Le Pen: it’s rather true,

High Council for Climate in France to be considered in 2020 That is, of the 11.5 tonnes of CO2 equivalent emitted by each French person, 4.8 tonnes are imported, that is, emitted abroad as part of the production of goods or services imported into France.

You are climatoseptic (Emmanuel Macron)

During the debate, Emmanuel Macron accuses Marine Le Pen as (or was she) a climatoseptic? , it’s rather true,

“You’re Climatoseptic”, President LREM launched from Marine Le Pen. To which he replied: “I’m not climatoseptic at all. You, on the other hand, are climax-hypocrites!”

In 2012, the RN candidate however questioned the work of the IPCC and its findings on climate change. He condemned as follows: “The IPCC is the consensus of those who have the destination. They are the priests and bishops of climate change.” A bilateral position on climate that it inherited from the national front recalls release,

[À propos de l’énergie nucléaire] You say you were wrong (Marine Le Pen)

Has Emmanuel Macron changed his mind on nuclear power in five years, as Marine Le Pen claims? , it’s rather true,

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In 2017, candidate Emmanuel Macron wanted to keep the course steady at 50% of electricity of nuclear origin in 2025 under Hollande. In 2018, he announced his desire to close twelve reactors in addition to Feisenheim. Although, In recent months, they have begun construction of new reactors and called for extending the life of the existing fleet by fifty years.,

I’m assuming you want to put wind turbines on all coasts except the front of Le Touquet. (Marine Le Pen)

Want Emmanuel Macron”Install wind turbines on all coasts except in front of Le Touquet“Where is the second home of the current French president,” says Marine Le Pen: This is wrong,

Marine Le Pen has accused Emmanuel Macron of installing wind turbines at sea on all French coasts, except in the town of Le Touquet (Pas-de-Calais), where the presidential couple’s second home is located. The RN candidate also ensures that “fifty” Projects will be started in this direction. baseless allegation.

A wind turbine project at sea between Le Touquet and Burke, started under the mandate of François Hollande, Was suspended in August 2017, especially in the face of protests from activists of La Republique en Marche. The prefect’s decision to bury the project was based on public consultation.

But, this one Ended on May 3, 2017, before the second round of presidential elections, which allowed Emmanuel Macron to access the Elysee. The number of offshore wind projects is far from even “fifty” Marine Le Pen has mentioned. Website of the Ministry of Ecological Transition in the fifth listWhich are found in Normandy, South Brittany, South Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea.

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