Presidential 2022: Florian Philippot’s vehicle is controlled at over 170 km/h as he goes to vote

Presidential 2022: Florian Philippot's vehicle is controlled at over 170 km/h as he goes to vote

A second round that will cost Florian Philipote. According to information from Le Parisien, the vehicle of the President of the Patriots was checked at a speed of between 170 and 180 km/h while he was on his way to his polling station.

This Sunday at around 11 a.m., Marine Le Pen’s former right hand went to the foreback (Moselle) driven by another man. The vehicle was subject to an automatic speed control on the A4 motorway and flashed well beyond the authorized speed limit (130 km/h). The car was immediately taken into custody. The driver and Florian Philippot waited for a moment for a new driver, at the Verigny Rest Area (Marne).

There is an audacity that the candidate for the legislative elections confirmed for our colleagues in Paris. He clarified that it was a friend of his who was driving and assured that he did not know that “his friend” was driving so fast because he himself was asleep. “It’s not right,” he admitted. According to him, the politician would have been blocked ten minutes before going to the nearest station with him had he not himself had a permit.

“No one can stop me from voting against Macron”, he told Paris. Indeed, Florian Philipot put his ballot in the ballot box early in the afternoon.

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