Presidential election in France, D-32 in pictures: Zemour presents his controversial costing program

Presidential election in France, D-32 in pictures: Zemour presents his controversial costing program

The far-right candidate promises to figure 20 billion euros in savings, especially from the abolition of social aid to non-European foreigners.

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IRick Zemour presented on Wednesday 400 measures of his presidential program devoted primarily to the fight against immigration, specifically the controversial figure of 20 billion euros in savings by the abolition of social aid to non-European foreigners. promised.

The document does not include his new proposal, announced on Monday evening for the “Ministry of Migration” responsible for deportation, according to the far-right candidate, one million foreigners over five years: illegal immigrants, criminals, criminals and files S. But the candidates of the Reconquest Party! Claims this terminology to demonstrate its “determination” and dispels the fact that it comes from identity groups that also want to repatriate people of immigrant origin.

In total, his program will “ultimately spend 60 billion euros over a full year: half to reduce taxes on companies – 28 billion – and the other half to strengthen the instruments of our priority policies: defense, security, justice and health – 32 billion” he estimated, during a press briefing at the Maison de la Chime in Paris.

To finance it, Eric Zemor has pledged “65 billion euros in savings over an entire year”, including 20 billion euros through the “elimination of non-contributory benefits for non-European foreigners”: family allowances, housing. Aid or RSA, which the former ethicist describes as a “suction pump” that would encourage immigration.

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In terms of figures, the National Family Allowance Fund however indicated that all allowances paid to foreigners (European and extra-European) without a minimum old age managed by the fund corresponded to “9 billion euros” per year (2019 figures) Huh. National Old Age Insurance. “The figures for the media are that we don’t spend a lot of money on foreigners,” the presidential candidate replied.

15 billion in savings by 2027

He, like Marine Le Pen, also counts on 15 billion savings thanks to his “fight against social and tax fraud.”

On behalf of the local community, Eric Zemor intends to save 15 billion by fighting against “bureaucracy”, “duplicates” and “triplons”. There is an “incredible mismanagement” which, as advocated by Nicolas Sarkozy, calls for the establishment of a regional advisor, both departmental and regional, he believes.

As for the state budget, he promised savings of 15 billion by 2027, including ending state medical aid – health coverage for foreigners in an unregulated situation – and “reducing the Ministry of Culture’s intervention expenses”.

In the longer term, Eric Zemor proposes pushing the legal retirement age back to 64 by 2030, in order to save “about 15 billion euros a full year”.

In cultural matters, the candidate emphasizes the preservation of heritage, the adaptation of literary works, and accounts of historical events.

Wendy’s Amusement Park of a “puy-du-fu culture”, Philippe de Villiers’ endorsement? “Le Puy-du-Fu is a mix between modernism and French genius. We are often more modern by being rooted in a past we know well”, admires Eric Zemour.

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