Presidential election in France, D-39 in pictures: Valerie Pecresse sprays pink powder during a conference

Presidential election in France, D-39 in pictures: Valerie Pecresse sprays pink powder during a conference

During the SME Confederation, the LR candidate, Valerie Pecresse, was sprinkled with pink powder by two youth activists.

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vEllery Pecres is employed by activists during the Confederation of SMEs (CPME) in La Défense this Wednesday, March 16.

As he left the stage, two young activists sprinkled pink powder on the presidential candidate. Present in public since the start of the event, he shouted with his gesture: “No to the neoliberal policy! ,

The action was claimed by the Akira movement, a collective started last year that claims to be “of the revolution” and denounces capitalism in particular.

“Valerie Pecrese offered to discuss the incident with him”, explain BFMTV reporters present at the scene. Yet the activists reportedly refused to meet the politician.

Presidential candidate LR invited owners of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to “take the state to account” for its effectiveness and promised to change the “mindset” of the administration in the event of entry into power. did.

For the representative of the Les Républicains party, who spoke in front of a hundred owners, entrepreneurs should be “heroes given as an example”.

“People who take personal risks, personal responsibilities, who take the fate of a certain number of people in their own hands, they should be everyday heroes,” she said.

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But “we have an administration that constantly puts obstacles in your way, (…) often considering you a potential criminal”, the right-wing candidate continued.

As a result, Valérie Pécresse is “committed to making the Administration a trusted partner, to whom we will give only one instruction: to help you do the job”.

10% of voting intention

Contenders to the Elysee Palace, given their intention to turn up just over 10% in the polls, housed their desire to “move from a society of extreme precaution to a society of innovation”.

Before inviting business leaders to “demand accounts from the state”, Ms Pecrese insisted, “It is a total change of mindset that must be done with the company in the French administration”.

“You have to charge more for the taxes you pay. Public performance is not a dirty word,” said the candidate, who also recalled his desire to simplify procedures.

“My goal is to cut the duration of all administrative procedures in half,” she said.

“Trust and freedom cost less than mistrust and ideals,” concluded the president of the le-de-France region with applause.


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