Pressure on journalists, forced land transfers: Charges rising against TotalEnergies’ EACOP project

Pressure on journalists, forced land transfers: Charges rising against TotalEnergies' EACOP project

With the realization of this megaproject – which will cross several protected ecosystems – it is estimated that more than 100,000 people will be displaced, while agriculture is the main source of income for the local population. According to associations present on the spot, some people have already seen their homes destroyed to facilitate the construction of access roads and processing plants.

Since 2017 the NGO Friends of the Earth in collaboration with local organizations has been documenting the risks associated with EACOP. after Uganda The latter published a report on the situation in Tanzania on 5 October.Where two-thirds of the future pipeline is to be built. She condemns land acquisition without consultation with the local population or adequate compensation.

Testimonies of over 70 people during this survey conducted on the EACOP route in January and February 2022 from about twenty affected villages by pipeline He was interviewed on condition of anonymity for fear of government reprisal. Here are two examples:

He (Editor’s note: EACOP staff) told us said that our land would be affected by the project, and that they were going to give us money. but they don’t Didn’t ask if we were okay.

Residents of Geeta area cited in the report

I watched them assess my land, so I knew I was impressed. It was not in a meeting, but on my farm. He took pictures of my wife and me. I had no choice but they told me I would be compensated

resident of the area Manyara, quoted in the report

However, since the beginning of the implementation of the project, TotalEnergies prides itself on applying the highest standards in the treatment of people displaced by its major infrastructure projects.

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