Prince Harry warns Twitter boss of a Capitol storm one day

Prince Harry warns Twitter boss of a Capitol storm one day

He has a seventh sense! Prince Harry saw a storm approaching the US Capitol – he claims.

in short needed

  • Prince Harry had a foreboding.
  • But no one wanted to listen to him.

like right now? Has Prince Harry (37) changed his royal abilities to that of clairvoyant?

It will be fun. But the prince, who is no longer active, seems really serious. He revealed this in a conversation in a US tech forum now called “RE: Wired”.

There, Prince Harry noted the political unrest in the United States.

More specifically, the storming of the Capitol in Washington, DC on January 6, 2021.

Judging by what Harry said, he would have been a Twitter boss jack dorsey (44) He had warned about it just a day before.

“I warned him,” said Prince Harry. “That their platform allows a coup.”

And it should be so. Tried Jan 6 trumpFollowers forcibly entering the Congress seat. Even five people had died.

Prince Harry continues: «To email jack dorsey Sent a day ago. And then it happened and I haven’t heard anything from him since then.”

After the storm, the stint of the US tech world was that social media was partly responsible for the violent riots.

Do you believe Prince Harry’s statement?

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