Problems for Viktor Orban: He has a strong opponent, from a united opposition – News by Sources

Problems for Viktor Orban: He has a strong opponent, from a united opposition - News by Sources

Outsider Peter Marki-Jay, a 49-year-old Conservative, won the Hungarian opposition’s primary election on Sunday and will run for the post in 2022 against incumbent Prime Minister Viktor Orban, reports AFP and DPA.

Peter Markey-Jay, 49, a Catholic and father of seven, received 56.71% of the vote, according to results announced by the primary election commission from Sunday night to Monday, informed Eggpress.

“We want a new, clean, fair Hungary, not just to replace Orb├ín,” he said in the victory speech, referring to the nationalist prime minister of 2010.

He praised the mayors’ unprecedented process, which made it possible to select candidates “capable of escaping the most corrupt system in Hungary’s millennium history” in the legislative elections to be held in April next year.

His candidate, pro-European centre-left lawyer Clara Dobrev, won 43.29% of the vote. “From now on, I support Marquee-J,” she said, quickly admitting her defeat.

Primary elections nominated a candidate for the position of head of government, but also for the parliamentary mandate in each constituency.

Organizers called it “an incredible success”. They mobilized over 800,000 voters or about 10% of the electorate of this European Union (EU) member country with 9.8 million residents over the course of two rounds.

According to the primary election commission data, 662,016 voters took part on Sunday.

“There are many more people than countries that have a long tradition of primary elections, unlike Hungary, where this has never happened before,” Sector One chief environmentalist Marta V. Naszali told AFP. Budapest.

For the first round, five candidates entered and Peter Markey-Jay managed to get 20% of the vote, in which case he spent only 10,000 euros for the campaign, without any political party’s financial or military support.

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Presenting himself as an anti-elitist and anti-corruption candidate, Viktor Orban’s party, this former voter from Fidesz, won mainly because of the youngest votes.


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