Programmers make data stolen from MEA public – Confidential, SSD info

Programmers make data stolen from MEA public - Confidential, SSD info

Correspondents belonging to Russia stole foreign ministry correspondence in November last year, much of it, National Defense Minister Arvidas Anusukas had previously said.

“According to experts, it should not be a period of decades. It should be for a short period of time,” the minister said on Facebook, adding that he could not substantiate the information stolen.

It may also contain forged documents.

Photo by Sigismund Gedville / 15min / Arvidas Anusukas

In return, the programmers assured the theft of more than one and a half million correspondence of the ministry with embassies abroad, representatives of international organizations and NATO partners.

Some documents are marked as secret.

According to programmers, Lithuanian diplomats revealed behind the scenes secret talks with the leaders of the United States and other countries, discussing “intrigues” related to Russia, Germany and Nord Stream-2, and relations with China and Belarus.

incident not reported

In November last year, the Lithuanian authorities did not report the cyber hacking.

For more information about the attack and how to try to stop the sale of false information, 15 minutes Applied at the National Cyber ​​Security Center under the Ministry of National Defense.

KAM declined to comment further on the incident.

“It just then came to our notice (August 12 – 15 mins) Presented by Minister Arvidas Anusukas. We are not currently commenting on the incident.” 15 minutes Sent to the Department of Strategic Communications and Public Relations of the Public Information Division of the Ministry of National Defense.

The State Data Protection Inspectorate (VDAI), which was reportedly not informed about the attack, was also unable to provide further details about the attack.

No personal data breach information was submitted to VDAI.

“We would like to inform you that the report on personal data protection breach was not submitted to VDAI. In order to clarify the details of the cyber incident, VDAI will approach the Ministry of External Affairs to obtain information related to the incident.” 15 minutes According to Raminta Sinquevizisto-Secuvieno, advisor to the legal department of SDPI.

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Multiple characters – 9 and 10 years old

Explaining the situation to the Lithuanian authorities, programmers began publishing letters and documents stolen from the ministry. A couple of them are ten and nine years old.

It is not clear whether their contents are genuine.

On 6 January 2011, the Forum announced birthday greetings sent to the ambassador of the current Seamus Arminas Lydeca L. Linkavisius.

Also, a questionnaire was completed in October 2012 by one of the employees of the Ministry of External Affairs applying to work with classified information. There is an inscription on it that it is a banned document.

Programmers announced on stage a letter of thanks from the World Jewish Congress in May 2015 to the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs M. Bekiss, which was signed by the Chancellor of the Ministry of National Defense and issued one in September 2020. Ministry officials should work with confidential information.

disclosure of sensitive documents

The working document of the European Commission for November 2020 with the word “border” can also be found here. It discusses cooperation with countries in Southeast Asia.

The official access document, signed in June 2020 and signed by the Director of SSD and sent to the Presidency, Semass, the government and some ambassadors, provides an overview of open information from the intelligence services.

Photo by Sigismund Gedville / 15 min / State Security Department

Photo by Sigismund Gedville / 15 min / State Security Department

According to foreign media, the document states that in 2015, Russian authorities recruited staff from the Registry Center in Tunisia, that Belgium’s Internal Security Service is investigating whether EU institutions have had one in Brussels. The Maltese has been spied from the building.

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SSD declined to comment on whether any such document was sent to the Ministry of External Affairs and thus found itself in the stolen data set, and did not anticipate whether more sensitive information would leak and What would be the harm, or whether any effort would be made to prevent it.

“As announced, the attack is under investigation, the contents of the letters have not been commented on by the Department of Homeland Security,” 15 minutes Established the Strategic Communications Division of SSD.

As for the attack itself, an investigation is underway, and SSD does not comment on the contents of the letters.

MFA treats the attack as an information attack

The Foreign Ministry has previously said that it cannot verify the veracity of publicly circulated information about the cyberattack and declined to comment, saying it was describing it as “an information attack by unfriendly countries”. in” admits.

President Gitanas Nausuda said the leaked information could “first and foremost cause great harm to the Allies.”

He confirmed that the leaked information was “secret”.


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