Protesters in Myanmar ask for ‘guerrilla attack’

Protesters in Myanmar ask for 'guerrilla attack'

He called upon the people to continue the protest in the ‘guerrilla’ style in the coming days as the means of communication are limited.

Various anti-coup groups are now trying to circumvent Internet blackouts by exchanging numbers with news alerts providers via radio waves, offline Internet rules and mobile messaging, according to Reuters.

The South East Asian country now has only fixed-line Internet service, and wireless broadband connectivity has been cut due to new restrictions imposed by authorities.

Military companies have not given any explanation to the telecom companies about the new order on the Internet. Earlier, he banned mobile data to suppress the anti-coup movement.

The protesters called for a ‘flower attack’ at various bus stops in a call on Thursday night; Several protesters killed by security forces made their final journey from these bus stops.

“Tomorrow (Friday) we will drop flowers at the bus stop. I want to let you know before the internet is shut down.

‚ÄúThere will be more street protests in the coming days. Kill the guerrillas as much as possible. join us. Let’s listen to the radio again, let’s call each other, “said Khin Sadar, a leader of the protesters, in a post on Facebook.

Myanmar, once a British colony, has been in turmoil since the 1 February military coup.

At least 543 people in the country have already organized protests, according to the Support Organization for Political Prisoners, a group that has been arrested and arrested for casualties in Myanmar’s anti-coup campaign.

Opposition to the coup was seen on the streets of various cities on Thursday and also during the day. In many places, protesters burned copies of the 2007 Constitution made by the army.

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According to local media, two people have been killed in police firing even today. He also said that a 16-year-old man was also among the dead.

According to media reports, the security forces staged a night-time protest, which was attended by around 400 soldiers.

Reuters could not immediately verify the information.


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