Putin calls on Syrians to fight in Ukraine: an acknowledgment of weakness?

Putin calls on Syrians to fight in Ukraine: an acknowledgment of weakness?

Russia announced on Friday that Syrian civilians could volunteer to fight Ukrainian forces in response to the West’s alleged delivery of “mercenaries” supporting Kyiv troops.

Recall that Russia has provided considerable military aid to the Syrian regime since the fall of 2015, backing its forces against both the opposition and the jihadists, to protect the power of Bashar al-Assad, who now controls the country. does. of Syria.

What is the meaning of this appeal made by Vladimir Putin himself in a speech? What does this message tell about the status?

Here’s the analysis shared by researcher Josef Henrotin of the Comparative Strategy Institute at 7pm RTL info this Friday:

,The Russian army today has a big problem. Of the forces that were planned for the invasion of Ukraine, 100% are actually committed. But these 100% represent half of the Russian army. However, 100% of the Russian army is dependent on 30% of the consignments. However, it turns out that these sepoys cannot be put into operation. There are tricks and tricks that the Russians use to masquerade as volunteers, but the Russians will obviously have a problem with soldiers, a problem with personnel shortages. It will take some time before they can join the operation to see if it is possible to integrate into the pre-formed units those who probably do not speak Russian, and so do. See also how they will be used. Is it for the capture of small and medium towns, or is it for combat missions? Currently, the Russian army has a volume problem with respect to the purpose assigned to it. Very clearly, personnel are needed,

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