Putin has warned Western countries that they will react harshly if they want to attack Russia.

Putin has warned Western countries that they will react harshly if they want to attack Russia.

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin warned his Western opponents for a “harsh” response yesterday if he tried to attack Russia amid rising tensions with the West and opposition protests.

Washington and the European Union have been condemning Russia for weeks for deploying thousands of troops along the border with Ukraine. According to his relatives, he constantly criticizes the prison of Kremlin rival Alexi Navalny, who has been on hunger strike for three weeks and is dying.

In his annual speech to the Federal Assembly, the Russian president did not directly address these files, but issued a warning to his external opponents.

He insisted that “the instigators of the abetment who endanger our security will regret it because they did not regret anything before.”

He also hoped that “no one would ever cross a red line,” vowing to respond that “is disproportionate, sharp and rigid.”

His spokesman Dmitry Peskov explained to Russian news agencies what Moscow’s interests meant, interference in domestic political life and all the “outrageous” statements in the country.

Russia was the target of several Western sanctions against the backdrop of the conflict in Ukraine, and the suppression of protests and accusations for electronic attacks, espionage and electoral intervention.

Domestically, the economic and health crisis caused by the outbreak of the “Kovid-19” epidemic occupied a prominent position in the speech of the Russian President, as well as the legislative elections due in September.

He promised additional assistance to the families and curbed the rise in food prices.

At the health level, Putin praised Russian scientific breakthroughs after developing national vaccines to combat “Kovid”, which would “enable herd immunity in the fall.”

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As expected, Putin did not address the fate of the anti-Alexey Navalny, who went on hunger strike less than a month ago. In protest against the terms of his arrest, at a time when Western capitals are calling for his release, Russian agencies were accused in August 2020 of trying to poison him.

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