Putin insider admits ‘interference’ in 2016 US election: ‘We will keep doing it’

Putin insider admits 'interference' in 2016 US election: 'We will keep doing it'

Yevgeny Prigozin, the founder and director of the private military company Wagner and a close aide of Vladimir Putin, has acknowledged Russian interference in US elections.

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YouYevgeny Prigozin, a Russian businessman close to the Kremlin, admitted on Monday to “interfering” in US elections on the eve of a crucial midterm election in the United States, where Moscow has been accused of interfering for years.

“We intervened, we do and we will continue to do so. carefully, precisely, surgically, in a way that is unique to us,” Prigozin was quoted in a social media post from his company Concorde. Nicknamed “Putin’s cook”, Mr. Prigozin was quoted in the 2016 presidential election. He is facing US sanctions for his alleged role in interfering.

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They are specifically accused of creating “troll farms”, false profiles running on social networks in an attempt to influence voters, for example by defaming candidates or disseminating false information.

The businessman, once wise, is asserting himself as a public figure in Russia, making several appearances in support of Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine. In late September, Mr Prigozin specifically acknowledged that he had founded the paramilitary group Wagner in 2014 to fight in Ukraine, specifically acknowledging its presence in Africa, the Middle East and Latin America.

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This paramilitary group has over the years been suspected of shadowing Kremlin base operations in various theaters of operations, which Moscow and Mr. Prigozhin have always denied. Mr Prigozin, considered close to Vladimir Putin, was for a time one of the suppliers of Kremlin kitchens, earning him the nickname “Putin’s cook”.


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