Qatar 2022 boss Nasser al-Khatar: ‘Progress must be made on law enforcement’

Qatar 2022 boss Nasser al-Khatar: 'Progress must be made on law enforcement'

Qatar has been in the headlines for the last 12 years and also won the award for hosting the World Cup. Qatar has announced reforms regarding the rights of foreign workers. However, some employees still report major problems. Are you aware of this?

“On labor welfare, I would like to go back to my ‘Vision 2030’ strategy. It has highlighted the need to improve the working conditions and working conditions which are acceptable to the workers. C is something that we have made for this. Have kept the World Cup to make sure that we achieve this goal. It is clearly spelled out in the ‘Vision 2030’ documents. Did we know this topic was going to hit the headlines? Yes, of course. Will it? Has helped, accelerated and brought to light some issues? Yes, it is. We have a plan, working with NGOs and the International Labor Organization. Work that helped us implement this plan and to accelerate this scheme by describing the mechanism to ensure their safety, to ensure their well being. A lot of laws have been made in a very short time. Maybe there are still problems today? Yes. This one There is change. Social. It is a gradual change that will take time. So are there any issues that still exist? Yes. Was it 10 years ago? Have fewer problems in comparison? Yes, very little. And it’s important to realize that we have to listen to the people who have been on the ground, the experts, the organizations that are really working hand in hand with us. Unfortunately people like to focus on what makes headlines. And usually people comment from headlines.”


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