Quarantine for all non-vaccinated Bulgarians arriving in Italy on 16 December

Quarantine for all non-vaccinated Bulgarians arriving in Italy on 16 December

Italy introduces quarantine for non-vaccinated EU arrivals. photo violin christ

Italy’s Health Minister Roberto Speranza has signed an order imposing a mandatory five-day quarantine on 16 December for all non-vaccinated EU citizens entering the country. They should also be provided with a negative COVID test in advance. All other EU citizens arriving in Italy with a Green Certificate only need a negative test. This measure is applicable till January 31 next year.

The new order continues the measures already provided for those arriving from outside the EU.

The negative test required at the border is molecular, and must be done a maximum of 48 hours before, or rapid, which is done 24 hours before entering Italy. In other words, the validity of the rapid test has now become 24, not 48 hours as before.

All the passengers will have to fill the Passenger Locator Form in advance. This address in Italy, cut it, will serve as an address where unvaccinated travelers will have to remain in isolation for 5 days. In the end, they are forced to test again for the virus.

Minister Speranza justified the introduction of new measures with the rapid spread of the Omicron option.

At present, it is still not necessary to wear a mask outside in Italy. This will be decided according to the spread of the virus in different areas.

The new Italian order has provoked significant reactions from the European Union. According to him, the measures of Rome differed from the general line applied in all the countries of the Union.

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