Raghad Saddam Hussein reveals why his mother has been kept out of the headlines … and promised secrets in his diary – Politics – News

Raghad Saddam Hussein reveals why his mother has been kept out of the headlines ... and promised secrets in his diary - Politics - News

Ragad Saddam Hussein, the daughter of the late Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, in the final episode of a series of meetings with the Al-Arabiya channel, revealed why his mother, Sajida Khairla Talfa, was kept out of decorum, confirming that she was good Was kind and present. He also talked about the subject of his upcoming memoirs, indicating that it would contain many mysteries.

Ragad Saddam Hussein talked about the reasons for not talking about his mother Sajida and said, “The mother is present and fine, and she is no longer young, and she is an unusual woman, because she is the wife of Saddam Hussein.” is.” And she said that she prefers to stay out of decorum to maintain the privacy of her life.

Regarding his upcoming memoirs, Raghad Saddam said, “I will reveal in it the family secrets and details you did not know, and the events that he lived in wars before and after the American invasion,” adding, I felt Done that the time has come and I am ready to publish them. “

He had hoped for his diary to achieve a glorious place due to the curiosity of the public to unearth the secrets of the diaries of Saddam Hussein’s daughter.

When asked about the release of her memoirs to her daughter, which is originally a diary of Ragad Saddam Hussein, she says “Harir is tired of notes and by personal effort,” adding, “My family’s secrets Can never be revealed under any circumstances. ” “

He also confirmed that his children, that is, the grandchildren of Saddam Hussein, would not live a normal life like the others, referring to his brother Uday, who told them in 1990 that Saddam’s children were difficult to lead a normal life.

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Raghad explained his daily life and details of his social and family obligations. And his role in taking his aunt out of Libya in 2011. “I was the reason my aunt left Libya because she was not harmed,” he said.

Raghad also confirmed that he has only one account on social networking sites, which is the official account on the Twitter platform.

In response to a question on her official page about the extent of her conversation and acceptance of criticism, she said: “I have assigned a person to give me important things on my page.”

At the end of the meeting, Raghad Saddam Hussein thanked Jordan, noting that he had not separated from there. And he confirmed that Jordan hugged him.

It is noteworthy that the daughter of the late Iraqi president told much about her father’s era, the circumstances of his arrest and his rule in previous episodes of al-Arabiya. She also talked about the murder of her family and her husband Hussain. Kamal and his two brothers Uday and Kuse.

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