Refugees stranded at the border are entitled to food and water

Refugees stranded at the border are entitled to food and water

For almost two weeks, a group of 32 refugees have been stuck on the border between Belarus and Poland.

As DN pointed out earlier The situation on the border in the village of Usnerz Gorny is becoming increasingly dire as the refugees are surrounded by soldiers on both sides of the border and are neither coming nor leaving.

Afghan refugees stranded on the border between Poland and Belarus.

Photo: Wojtek Radwanski/AFP

European Court of Human Rights Strasbourg issued an interim decision on Wednesday that Poland is obliged to help the refugees with food, water, clothing and adequate medical aid.

Press release from the European Court of Justice.

Press release from the European Court of Justice.

Following the message from the court, cheers were heard from the group, according to the association O’Klenney, which is on site at the border to support the group.

From a field more than a hundred meters away, activists played music on Wednesday night to support the refugees.

The court’s ruling is valid until September 15 – but the court writes – it does not mean that Poland is obliged to let them into the country. It is not yet clear how the situation will be resolved.

The decision also applies to Latvia, where a similar situation has arisen when a group of 41 Kurdish refugees from Iraq are trapped on the border with Belarus.

Multiple reviews by investigators Journalists from the Baltics and Germany have previously shown that the sudden disruption of migrants from Belarus is coordinated by the Belarusian state.

For example, Lithuania has received more than 4,200 asylum seekers this year who crossed the border with Belarus, compared to 74 last year. The investigation also revealed that companies with links to dictator Alexander Lukashenko are also involved.

The Belarusian action has been strongly condemned by the European Union and has been described as the regime’s retaliation for sanctions against the country.

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