Renaissance Dam: Sudan calls for arbitration – Arab and World – Arab World

Renaissance Dam: Sudan calls for arbitration - Arab and World - Arab World

Sudan called for expanding the umbrella of mediation in the Renaissance Dam negotiations to be included in the United Nations, and at the same time confirmed its position in support of the Renaissance Dam, as it is an Ethiopian right of development, provided that Sudan Do not affect it negatively. , By ensuring the signing of a binding legal agreement.

Sudan’s Minister of Irrigation, Yasser Abbas, discussed with the EU Special Envoy and Finnish Foreign Minister, Pekka Olawi Havisto, Ethiopian Renaissance dam file, presenting the latest developments in the talks between Sudan, Ethiopia and Egypt and Abbas countries. European envoys, suggesting the need to expand the mediation umbrella in the Renaissance Dam negotiations, to include the United Nations, saying that the Renaissance Dam is a center for exchange of benefits, regional cooperation rather than competition and conflict The point may be.

In a related context, the European envoy discussed with Sudan Minister of Foreign Affairs, Omar Qamar al-Din, tensions between Sudan and Ethiopia, particularly one of the agenda items for Olafi Havisto’s visit, between the two countries To help reduce it. , And accused Sudan’s minister, Ethiopia, of breaking the 1902 agreement, which, accordingly, demarcated the borders of the two countries, on the pretext that they took place in the time of colonialism.


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