Rescuers dig for earthquake survivors in Turkey as death toll rises

Rescuers dig for earthquake survivors in Turkey as death toll rises

Rescuers cheered on Saturday when rescuers lifted teenager Insi Okan from an eight-story apartment complex that collapsed a day after a magnitude 8.0 earthquake shook the Turkish city of Izmir.

Inch’s dog, Fistick, was also rescued, offering a fur at the brightest moment, while the crew rallied in destruction, Associated Press report.

The death toll from hundreds of aftershocks has risen to 28, with more than 800 people injured in three Turkish cities. About 100 people have been rescued so far.

A powerful earthquake in the Aegean Sea shook Izmir, Turkey’s third-largest city, while it was the hardest Friday hit noon, Sending a tsunami of floods to the streets as at least 20 buildings collapsed.

At least 26 people have been killed in the city, including a drowned elderly woman, and at least 20 pancakes have been trapped in countless numbers under the rubble of buildings.

Workers were struggling Saturday to rescue the 38-year-old woman and her four children -, and and 10-year-old twins – from the remains of one of the broken structures. Reuters has reported. Search and rescue operations were completed in eight buildings and are ongoing in another nine, officials said.

Two teenagers were also killed when a wall collapsed on the Greek island of Samos. At least 19 people have been injured on the island.

Greek and Turkish government officials exchanged messages of solidarity while leaders of Greece and Turkey held a telephone conversation in a show of solidarity that has rarely been formed in months of tense bilateral relations.


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