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Naman Tamil Party chief coordinator Seaman has said that the Tamils ​​of the world will stand alone and win the crusade by Ambika Ammaiyar, asking countries including Britain to save Shree to drop the resolution at the UN General Assembly. Massacre Lanka.

Seeman said in a statement, “IP to save Sri Lanka from genocide. ई Amalyar Ambika, an Eelam Tamil expatriate living in Britain, has started a hunger strike from his countries, including the British, to give up his support for the UNHRC proposal.

The British-led international community will call for a domestic trial to save Sri Lanka that perpetrated the massacre at the United Nations Human Rights Council, a major betrayal for Tamils, who have been fighting for justice for over a decade. In what sense is it justified to stand up for justice and seek justice for perpetrators of genocide?

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Already in the past decade, the Sri Lankan chauvinist government has handed over an internal investigation that has not made any nuclear progress and atrocities and racist attacks on Tamils ​​are increasing day by day. Sinhalese chauvinist activities have reached a climax with the return of the mass-led government. Realizing this, the United Nations Human Rights Council called on countries in the world to come forward with an extensive list of racist activities of the Sri Lankan government and an international judicial inquiry into Sri Lanka. Me. पूर्व Navnitam Pillai, former commissioner of the Human Rights Council, also stressed that the world view should change for the better for Sri Lanka. But the resolution of the world community to dismiss them and again to extend the trial period in favor of Sri Lanka and to allow the trial to be done internally is a step that would completely undermine the justice available to the Tamil people. As a result, the Tamils ​​are deeply disappointed and saddened by the United Nations Human Rights Council report, which expected a fair trial for genocide and justice.

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Despite the pain of being betrayed repeatedly by treacherous Tamils, Ammaiyar Ambika is proud of the struggles she has faced along the coast as a single woman, but she does not think the lesson is learned from bitter experiences The past should have made such a difficult decision. We lost brother Dilip and mother Bhupathi in one such charitable struggle. So I am passionately asking Amma to change the form of my struggle. I call upon Tamils ​​across the world to support Ammaiyar Ambika’s struggle for justice and caste demands for the genocide. “


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