Russia issues decree, US and Czech as hostile countries

Russia issues decree, US and Czech as hostile countries


Russia officially determines United States of america ()As) And Czech Republic As a hostile country. The assignment has come in the midst of the biggest crisis in relations between Moscow and Washington in recent years.

as reported AFP, Saturday (15/5/2021), Govt. Russia Issued a decree signed by Prime Minister (PM) Mikhail Mishustin with a list of unfriendly countries.

The US and Czech are believed to have acted hostile against Russia, Russian citizens or Russian entities. The list of hostile countries now includes the US and the Czech Republic.

Czech embassies will not be allowed to employ more than 19 Russian nationals and any US embassy.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Moscow is ready for dialogue, state news agency TASS Emphasized the fact that Russia now has only two countries in the list of enemy nations.

Prague said the move would only “improve relations” between Moscow and the Czech Republic, the European Union and its allies.

“We regret that Russia has adopted a path of confrontation at its expense,” the Czech Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

“This action will also indirectly affect the ability of the development of relations, tourism and business relations among ordinary citizens,” he said.

The head of the European Union, Charles Michel, tweeted ‘complete solidarity’ with Prague as he insisted that Rusai’s move was weakening diplomatic relations.

“Efforts to divide the European Union have been fruitless,” Mitchell wrote.



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