Russia refuses to accept aircraft escaping from entering Belarusian airspace / article

Russia refuses to accept aircraft escaping from entering Belarusian airspace / article

EU airlines have problems flying to Russia as Russia has refused to accept aircraft that avoid arriving in Belarusian airspace following an incident with a Ryanair aircraft on Sunday.

On Thursday, news came that Air France could not fly to Moscow and Austrian Airlines could not fly to Vienna.

“The lack of access to Belarusian airspace will have an impact. But how big it is will depend on which airline it is,” says aviation expert John Strickland.

Undoubtedly, these are airlines flying close to the region, for example, it all started with Ryanair’s flight from Greece to Lithuania. Airlines such as Ryanair, Vizier, Airbaltic and Scandinavian Airlines are quite active in this part of Europe – they will be the hardest hit. “

Meanwhile, more and more countries are deciding not to take Belavia aircraft at their airports.

Estonian Prime Minister Caja Calas announced on Thursday that Estonian airports would no longer accept Belavia aircraft. They land in their area Already banned by many other countriesSuch as Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Finland, Sweden.

However, before the Estonian government’s official decision, the Minsk to Belavia aircraft was able to land at Tallinn Airport on Thursday morning while flying to Latvia.

At the airline’s offices in Minsk, Belavia customers are asked to withdraw money for tickets purchased for flights to several EU cities. Belavia has already announced that it will cancel all flights to London and Paris by October, which the Belarusian airline refuses to accept the aircraft.


23 May Belarus Forced to land in Minsky Ryanair’s 126 – Passenger flight from Athens to Vilnius. Belarus leader Alexander Lukashenko has personally ordered the aircraft to stop.

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The purpose of the operation was to detain one of the passengers: a member of the staff of Belarusian opposition leader Svyatlan Cihanouska, one of the founders of the opposition media “Nexta” Roman Protasevich. The Lukashenko regime accused him of organizing riots, for which he faced 15 years in prison.

The actions of the Belarusian regime have been condemned by both the Belarusian opposition and Western officials, who State-sponsored air piracy is described as, Hijacking of a passenger plane and gross violation of international civil aviation regulations.

EU leader after the incident Agreed to increase restrictions Belarusian authorities as well as against companies financially supporting the Minsk regime. Belarusian airlines have been banned from using EU airspace and landing at EU airports. On the other hand, European airlines are advised not to use Belarusian airspace.

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