Russia will resume gas delivery to Italy and says it is ready to deliver to the rest of Europe via the undamaged Nord Stream 2 line

Russia will resume gas delivery to Italy and says it is ready to deliver to the rest of Europe via the undamaged Nord Stream 2 line

Russia said on Wednesday it was ready to deliver gas to Europe via the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, one of the lines not damaged by the leak, Alexander Novak, the deputy prime minister in charge of energy, announced.

Mr Novak told television: “If necessary legal decisions are taken by the Europeans regarding its certification and the removal of sanctions, I believe that Russia can supply gas through this line in a short period of time.” ” OPEC+ countries in Vienna after a meeting of Russia.

Resumption of gas deliveries to Italy

Russia will resume gas deliveries to Italy after suspending them on Saturday because of a “problem” in Austria through which Russian gas passes, Russian gas giant Gazprom announced on Wednesday.

“Gazprom, in cooperation with Italian buyers, managed to find a solution to the negotiated format under the terms of “regulatory changes” on the Austrian side “at the end of September” and which led to the suspension of supplies, a statement from Gazprom said. In said, the Italian peninsula.

Gazprom completely suspended its gas deliveries to Italian Eni from Saturday, citing “the impossibility of transporting gas through Austria” due to the new rules that came into force on 1 October.

However, most of the Russian gas supplied to Italy passes through Ukraine via the TAG gas pipeline, which arrives at Tarvisio in the north of the country on the border with Austria.

By extension, the blockage was “due to the fact that Gazprom should have given a monetary guarantee for the passage of gas to the carriers bringing gas from Austria to Italy, which previously did not exist, and Gazprom did not pay”, but explained Claudio Descalzi, Eni’s CEO, on Monday.

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The Austrian sector regulator, e-Control, has announced “(him) that it is ready to confirm the transport appointments of Gazprom Export, which allows the resumption of Russian gas delivery through Austrian territory “, S’ is congratulated to Gazprom on Wednesday.

Eni “informs that the gas flow supplied by Gazprom has resumed today”, confirmed the Italian giant, in a press release welcoming “the resolution by ANI and the parties concerned, introduced by the Austrian regulatory authorities of constraints as a result of the new rules”.

E-Control had in recent days called on the powerful Russian gas company to “comply” with the new rules and “take the necessary measures to meet its contractual obligations”.

On Monday, Italian hydrocarbon giant Eni, for its part, announced itself ready to pay a 20 million euro guarantee to unblock the suspension and resume deliveries of about 20 million cubic meters of Russian gas per day. Of.

Asked by AFP on Wednesday about a possible payment to the Italian side, Eni had not yet informed until mid-morning.

“The blockade is not at all for geopolitical reasons”, though assured Mr Descalzi, at a time when European countries fear Russia will almost certainly stop its gas deliveries to Europe against the backdrop of a Russian attack in Ukraine. .


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