Russian amphibious ship group stationed near US aircraft carrier

Russian amphibious ship group stationed near US aircraft carrier

Russia said six large amphibious ships were headed for the Mediterranean Sea, where the US Truman Aircraft Carrier Strike Group is on a mission.

“The squadron of 6 large amphibious ships of the Baltic Fleet and the Northern Fleet moved to the exercise area in the Mediterranean on 15 January. The group of ships is advancing in the North Sea,” the Ministry of National Defense said. rooms From said in a statement yesterday.

Russia has spoken about the activities of the amphibious group for the first time since leaving the Baltic Sea earlier this week. The Russian Defense Ministry said that in the future a squadron of ships of the Pacific Fleet will also be sent to the Mediterranean Sea.

A Russian amphibious ship sails through the English Channel on January 20. Photo: french national defense,

Maritime tracking data shows that the Vasily Tatishchev reconnaissance ship crossed the Strait of Gibraltar and entered the Mediterranean on January 21. It is unclear where the ship will operate, but Western military experts say it may be the USS Harry S. Truman may have been on a mission to supervise the Aircraft Carrier Strike Group.

Two squadrons of Russian amphibious ships sailed from the Baltic Sea on 17 and 19 January respectively. The first group includes the Korolev, Minsk and Kaliningrad ships of Project 775 Ropucha. The second squadron consists of the Olenegorsky Gornyak and Georgy Pobednosets of Project 775 and the most modern Pyotr Morgunov amphibious ships of Project 11711 Ivan Gren in the Russian Navy.

Some experts have suggested that they are going to the Black Sea to do missions near Ukraine. NATO member states have sent a series of warships to monitor the movements of the Russian warship group on the voyage. Ships in the Mediterranean can sail through the Bosphorus Strait of Turkey into the Black Sea.

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Mediterranean location.  Photo: Google Maps.

Mediterranean location. Photo: Google Maps,

The Ropucha-class amphibious ships have a maximum displacement of 4,100 tonnes, which were developed during Soviet times. Each ship could carry 10 main battle tanks and 340 soldiers, or tanks, artillery, trucks and a mixed mechanized battalion of more than 300 soldiers, or 550 tons of cargo.

The Ivan Gren class is a new amphibious ship design developed by Russia, of which two are already in service. Each ship has a displacement of 6,600 tons, can carry 13 main battle tanks or heavily armored vehicles and up to 300 soldiers. The weapons of the Ivan Gren class are inferior to the Ropucha, but have significantly improved combat capability, with a flight deck and hangar allowing two armed helicopters to be carried.

The Russian Defense Ministry had announced on January 20 that the exercise would be conducted in the waters adjacent to Russia as well as in the Mediterranean Sea, North Sea, Sea of ​​Okhotsk, North East Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. The Russian army will mobilize 140 warships and support ships, 60 aircraft, 1,000 hardware units and around 10,000 troops from all four fleets of the country to participate in the exercise.

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