Russian expert says Russia will save itself from better US fleet

Russian expert says Russia will save itself from better US fleet

According to him, it is necessary to seek the best possible strategic solution to protect water near the Russian borders with the existing fleet.

He said that the success of the weak fleet is possible if it is supported by the powerful coastal complexes that Russia currently possesses.

As an example, he cited coastal missile systems that could be equipped with “caliber”, “onex” and “zircon” missiles, capable of hitting targets at distances of more than 300 kilometers, which would otherwise be American. Aircraft would represent the approximate distance of the carrier if their air raid on the interiors of Russian territory.

He explained that the range of US aviation on aircraft carriers cannot exceed 700 kilometers, which means that the US fleet would have to reach Russian shores, and thus be within range of Russian missiles.

In addition, Sikov said that coastal airports could also serve as an option, which would increase the operational functionality of Russian aviation, which would also significantly reduce the main benefit of American aircraft.

He also reminded the possibility of placing underwater mines – if they were placed in places that were considered targets of attacks, the efficiency of the enemy fleet led by the aircraft carrier would drastically decrease.


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