Russia’s Foreign Minister: “Security Treaty Negotiations With America Begin Right After New Year’s Holidays”

러시아 외무, "미국과의 안보조약 대화 신년연휴 직후 시작"

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Ukraine’s joining NATO and NATO deployment issues

Russian foreign affairs, "Security treaty talks with US begin soon after New Year's holiday"
[AP/뉴시스] Press conference of Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov on 30 November.
[모스크바=AP/뉴시스] Reporter Kim Jae-young = Russia’s foreign minister said on the 27th that talks between Russia and the United States about an expanded boycott of NATO in Ukraine would begin soon after the New Year holiday.

In an interview on the same day, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that “the main target of the talks is the United States and will take place right after the New Year holiday.” The Russian New Year holiday lasts ten days until January 9.

Earlier this month, Russia introduced a “security” proposal, calling for NATO to reject requests to join Ukraine and other former Soviet republics and to scale back its military deployment within NATO’s current allies in Central and Eastern Europe. will need to be taken.

NATO allies, including the United States, declined to make such promises, but said they were ready to negotiate.

Russia has included these demands in the draft Russia-US security pact and Russia-NATO security pact amid growing fears of an invasion of Ukraine due to the integration of Russian troops along the border with Ukraine.

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Russia says it has no plans to attack the neighboring country, but is still seeking legal guarantees that prevent NATO expansion and weapons deployment in neighboring Ukraine.

Lavrov said last week that after talks with the US, talks with NATO would be held separately.

Prior to these two dialogues, separate talks will continue under the framework of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

Two days ago it was reported through NATO officials that NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has decided to hold a meeting of the NATO-Russia Committee on 12 January. In response, Kremlin spokeswoman Peskov said the committee was meeting, but details such as the date were being discussed.

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