Ryanair flight didn’t go as planned, passengers forced to land in wrong country: ‘What a shameful service…’

Ryanair flight didn't go as planned, passengers forced to land in wrong country: 'What a shameful service...'

157 passengers on a Ryanair flight from Dublin to Faro, Portugal were astonished as they landed in Malaga, Spain, last Friday. Indeed, an air traffic control strike in France forced pilots to change their route.

Due to this murmuring movement, the plane must have arrived in Far after the curfew time and therefore could not land peacefully. Arriving in Málaga, passengers had to board a bus bound for Faro, for a total journey of five hours. Some boards couldn’t even do that.

Several passengers complained about Ryanair’s service on social media. “I took a flight to Faro and I’m in Malaga, this can’t be invented. I had to spend €55 more on a taxi,” explained one user. Another passenger claims that the staff has never been to Faro. Didn’t want to go: “What a shameful service Ryanair has. There was no question of taking us to Farr. We know the airport closes at 2am and we took off just before 1am. »

On behalf of Ryanair, a spokesperson expressed regret for the inconvenience: “The flight was diverted to Málaga as it missed the curfew at Faro airport due to disruptions caused by a strike by the French air traffic control. This was beyond our control and affected all airlines. We have arranged coach transportation to minimize disruption to passengers. Ryanair is sorry for the inconvenience caused. »

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