Satellite images confirm that Russian troops left Antonov military airport north of Kyiv (photo)

Des images satellite confirment que les troupes russes ont déserté l'aéroport militaire d'Antonov, au nord de Kiev (PHOTOS)

On Tuesday, as a result of talks led by Ukrainian and Russian delegations, the Kremlin announced the withdrawal of troops to Kyiv and the Chernihiv region.

Satellite images today confirm his evacuation from the Antonov military airport in Gostomel, north of Kyiv, after confirming his departure from the Chernobyl power plant. It was attacked by Russian forces on February 25, a day after the start of the invasion of Ukraine. In these pictures we can see the deteriorating condition of the deserted military structure.

They thus support the words of a US defense source who advanced it to CNN. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby underlined on Friday that it was a question of a Russian military withdrawal, not an actual withdrawal. “Less than 20%” of Russian forces whose advance on Kyiv was halted by Ukrainian resistance “began to restore themselves” in the direction of Belarus.

According to the Pentagon, no units leave the territory around Ukraine. “Our assessment is that they will reorganize these troops, resupply them and possibly deploy them elsewhere in Ukraine,” He still believed, quoted by CNN. “At this point, this restructuring is not happening in any specific way.”

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