Saudi Arabia is preparing to receive electric cars.. Issuing the first certificate of accreditation

Saudi Arabia is preparing to receive electric cars.. Issuing the first certificate of accreditation

The Saudi Standards and Metrology Authority said it had received several requests from electric vehicle manufacturers to obtain a “Model Approval Certificate for an Electric Vehicle” in accordance with the requirements of the Technical Regulation for Electric Vehicles, noting that it had issued an approval did. Certificate for one model so far.

In a statement to the Al-Iqtisadiya newspaper, the authority explained that it is continuing its work to introduce technical requirements for the granting of certificates of conformity for electric vehicles, chargers and their accessories, and that it is available to all car dealerships and manufacturers. urges the Saudis to comply with the receipt. Model approval certificate.

Specifications stated that it was allowed to import electric vehicles and their chargers commercially, provided that a Saudi Model Approval Certificate has been issued for the target model before the import process begins.

He said that it is responsible for issuing model approval certificates in accordance with the provisions of the Technical Regulation for Electric Vehicles issued by the Authority and for studying the documents proving the safety and security of the vehicles, which are the essential requirements for the vehicles. and to ensure that chargers meet safety requirements and that they are tested as per prescribed specifications consistent with the climatic conditions of the State, and to achieve best performance for users of electric vehicles and chargers in the State. to do.

It pointed out that licenses for electric vehicle charging stations, and consumer rights in the area of ​​electric vehicle maintenance, fall under the responsibilities of several relevant authorities, which are outside the technical competencies of the Standards Authority.

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It is known that the current practice in the Kingdom, with the participation of government agencies and experts in the private sector, continues to study various aspects to prepare the infrastructure to get these types of cars into their markets. This comes through membership of the Infrastructure Committee for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations, and government and private agencies and research centers headed by the Ministry of Power, and includes the “Ministry of Transport, Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing, Electricity and Co-generation Regulators”. Authority, Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization, Saudi Energy Efficiency Center, and Company.” King Abdullah Center for Saudi Electricity and Petroleum Studies and Research.

The Standards and Metrology Authority, in coordination with the Ministry of Energy, Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing, Electricity and Co-generation Regulatory Authority and the Saudi Electricity Company, previously organized a virtual workshop titled “The Infrastructure of Electric Vehicles in the Kingdom”. In June last year, in the presence of a large number of electric vehicle manufacturers and manufacturers of chargers. The workshop presented a description of the legislation and specifications for electric car chargers that must be taken into account before importing such a car or its charger, and the requirements of the relevant authorities in the Kingdom for spatial and other keeping. Requirements.


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