Scenario of the merger of the pseudo-state in Turkey

Scenario of the merger of the pseudo-state in Turkey
there is a process to convert it pseudo state in a province of Turkey, which is becoming more and more apparent in the conditions of non-solution of the Cyprus problem, said former Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akins in an interview with the newspaper Yeni Dügen.

Akinsi stated that Turkish occupiers were increasingly dependent on them and noted that they were in disagreement with the Turkish government. Not in substance and description.

remember that heavy attack Describing the example of Crimea as a frightening scenario, when asked whether the proxy state would be included in Turkey, Akinsey said that “That’s what’s being pursued, that’s the goal in the back of the mind».

About AKP’s 20-year rule in Turkey, Mustafa Akinsi said that initially wanted to leave politics «solution is not solution“In Cyprus, but after a liberal and more democratic period, a process began that led to”power of a man».

According to Akinsi, the AKP now has a distinct phase during which democratic processes in Turkey were suspended, prisons were filled with writers and politicians, and interference in Cyprus was rampant.

He said that the AKP-MHP government in Turkey is focused on not losing power and “To be re-elected in 2023, nationalism will be further fueled through Cyprus».

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