Sea Games Vietnam has been cancelled. Can’t Join Programs – States Without Funding

  Sea Games Vietnam has been cancelled.  Can't Join Programs - States Without Funding

Deadline: Vietnam has decided on the future of the 31st SEA Games in October whether it will continue or suffice.

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Vietnam, which was originally scheduled to host the SEA Games in Hanoi between November 21 and December 2, has been hit by the impact of COVID-19. In the field, competition is not possible.Recently, Philippine Olympic Games President Abraham Tolentino revealed that the SEA Games Federation. Vietnam has a deadline to notify within a month of October whether to host the competition at this meeting as nations need clarity in preparing teams of athletes.

“We have 3 big tournaments next year: Asian Games in Hangzhou, Asian Indoor Games in Thailand, Winter Olympics in China, so Vietnam doesn’t have much time left to compete. Cambodia, host of the next SEA Games 2023, emphasis Lets say that there will be no change. And in February 2023 the 32nd SEA will organize the Games, except Vietnam may be possible to organize the competition. We also need to understand the situation in Cambodia.”

Mr Thana Chaprasit, head of the Thai Athletes’ Committee, revealed that at this point in time, Vietnam has almost no time left to host the 31st SEA Games as 2022 is a very crowded sporting event. Depending on the slot, there will be a period of June or May only. Many countries are waiting for clarity. Because the budget should be allocated to prepare the athletes in advance, if Vietnam organizes the event, it should have responded long ago. Because as far as I know, Vietnam doesn’t have more problems than COVID-19, but budget problems are more. Personally, I am looking at 50/50, and if it is to be held at the end of the year, it should be difficult as Cambodia is in line for the start of 2022.

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Dr. Hoang Ting Sang, Vice President of the Vietnam Olympic Committee, the central figure in mediating negotiations with the government to advance the SEA Games and continue the SEA Games. Having recently died of heart disease this could have a huge impact on this Vietnam project.

The international sports calendar to which ASEAN nations are included in 2022 includes:

February 4-20 at the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing, China.

Asian Indoor Martial Arts Games in Pattaya, Thailand from 10-20 March.

28 July-8 August. The Commonwealth Games in ASEAN include Birmingham, England, Malaysia and Singapore.

August 9-18th Islamic Society Games in Konya, Turkey, Indonesia, joined the competition with Brunei, Malaysia.

and the Asian Games in Hangzhou, China, September 10-25


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