Seal on new 3 cases of UFOs – news from b – Curious

Seal on new 3 cases of UFOs - news from b - Curious

We won’t get into an argument as to why people are so excited about UFOs that low-quality videos, supposedly showing aliens as possible, are popular on the Internet, writes Blitz. Another dose of video on the subject once again rocked spirits on the web.

1. A UFO launches reconnaissance drone

The first video depicts the rare moment when a large diamond-shaped UFO launches an armor of reconnaissance drone in the evening sky. This is, of course, a conjecture, nothing more.

The video was shot in California, United States, and at one of San Bernardino’s gas stations, the video’s author accidentally looked up and was surprised to see what he saw: hundreds of tiny objects flew from the large rheumidids.

Some of them burned, turned into balls, others simply disappeared into the dark sky. According to American, it was an enchanting scene.

2. A huge UFO flew against Chicago to the sky over the moon

The second video shows the morning sky over Chicago. It has not yet dropped completely, so the spectacular disk of the moon in the northern part of the city attracts everyone’s attention. Of course, there are people who aspire to do this film Beauty on video.

Apparently the author of the video is one of them. However, he could not even imagine that his camera lens would catch something unusual at the time, namely a huge UFO flying against the moon.

And nothing else. There is no noise from flying aircraft or rockets, there is no trace of flight outside the moon. Therefore, ufologists have agreed that the author of the video was lucky enough to catch a giant alien ship in orbit on our planet.

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Of course, it could be something else, but we simply do not know this “something” and therefore cannot find an explanation for it.

3. A huge ship-cube with alien orbits near our Sun.

This is another incredible mystery – who is constantly moving around the sun? Various objects of incredible size, many times larger than the Earth, periodically fall into the lens of cameras and do not comfort the ufologist. In this case scientists are silent or do not express very clear explanations.

They are unsymmetrical because the mysterious UFOs near the Sun have very regular shapes – a cube, a rhombus, etc., which nature never creates.

The video shows a cube ship that simply cannot be close to the sun. But he is there and, as always, with his shapes and sizes, but also with his “carelessness”, being so close to the star, Amazus is also.


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