Search of Trump’s house: FBI was also looking for documents on nuclear weapons

Search of Trump's house: FBI was also looking for documents on nuclear weapons

The FBI’s intervention Monday at Donald Trump’s residence in Florida reflects authorities’ “strong concern” about vital information that could have remained in the hands of the American billionaire.

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TookOn Monday, the FBI was looking for confidential documents on nuclear weapons during a search of the residence of former US President Donald Trump. Washington PostThursday, according to experts involved in the investigation.

The US newspaper writes that the finding testifies to a “deep concern” among officials that Trump still has information that could potentially fall into the wrong hands.

source of Washington Post It did not say whether the documents were related to US weapons or belonged to other countries, or whether the documents were found during the search.

The US Department of Justice and the FBI declined to comment on the article. A spokesman for Mr Trump also declined to comment.

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