Seeing a heat wave? temperature will rise next week

 Seeing a heat wave?  temperature will rise next week

The second week of July promises to be warm. Present at RTL INFO at 1 p.m., Stephan van Bellinghem announced the colors (and temperatures) for the coming week.

monday : We can expect a temperature of 22 to 27 degrees during the day and still breathable nights.

Tuesday : We will reach 30 degrees. It will be slightly cooler at sea (26 degrees) and higher (25 degrees).

Wednesday : We will still have high temperatures, up to 32 degrees in the Ardennes before a slight drop scheduled for Thursday.

Thursday Estimated to remain 26 degrees in the capital. This decrease as compared to other days is due to a cooler air front that will reach our country.

Friday : The temperature will be same as Thursday.

Saturday : Expect a great heatstroke with temperatures in excess of 30 degrees everywhere.

sunday : The trend will continue on Saturday and the temperature will increase by a few degrees.

By the beginning of next week, the mark of 36 degrees can be crossed locally.

To better fight the predicted heat, don’t forget to hydrate yourself well and avoid exposing yourself to too much sunlight during the hottest hours.

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