Senator Sabat announces vote for fourth retirement

Senator Sabat announces vote for fourth retirement

RN joined MP Manuel José Osandón, who also said he would support a measure that is backed by the opposition.

NS National Renewal (RN) Senator Marcella Sabate announced this Monday that Will vote in favor of a project that allows a fourth withdrawal of AFP funds And that will be voted on, as usual, in the Senate chamber this Tuesday.

In conversation with Las Ultimas Noticias, the MP announced that she would support the rules promoted by the opposition and that too Senator RN Manuel Jose Osando will also votewho had already declared their support.

“I’m going to vote in favor of the idea of ​​legislating because it means being open to backlash in Congress” For a much deeper problem, for example, the food debt, and because I believe it is still possible to have a comprehensive agreement to move on to pensions and improve this measure of fourth withdrawal,” the official said the senator.


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“It was not an easy decision, there was a lot to analyze and I want to be clear that This is not an election decision. It is quite possible that many in my political field do not share this and, of course, take it as a populist measure, but it is about providing solutions and responses to the needs of thousands of Chileans and Chileans, “Sabat said.

The Chamber of Deputies and Deputies need to remedy as: Quorum of three fifths (3/5), which means vote of 25 Senators and Senators, Since Guido Girardi (PPD), who is at COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland, is exempt.

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The Sabat vote may be crucial for general approval of the rules, which is supported by a majority of the opposition, apart from Senators Osandon and Sabbat. Anyway, some support may be missing after the senator Democracia Christiana (DC) Carolina Goike said she would vote against the initiative and the senator Socialist Party (PS) Carlos Montes questioned his support.


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