Senior Russian official says his country will be in southern Ukraine ‘forever’

Senior Russian official says his country will be in southern Ukraine 'forever'

Mr. Turchek addressed the residents of the Kherson region in Ukraine. According to him, Russia will always be in the south of the country.

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TookRussia will remain in southern Ukraine “forever”, a senior Russian parliamentary official, Andrei Turchak, said on Friday during a visit to Kherson, an important city in Ukraine over which Moscow has claimed total control since March.

“Speaking to the residents of the Kherson region, I would like to say once again that Russia is here forever. There should be no doubt about it,” said Mr. Turtachak, quoted by Russian news agencies as the Council of Federation (Parliament). the first deputy of the Speaker of the Upper House).

It is the first time that a senior Russian official has announced Moscow’s intention to remain in areas occupied by Russian forces since the campaign began in Ukraine on February 24.

Russia has maintained so far that one of its main goals is to “condemn” its neighbor.

“No Return to the Past”

“There will be no going back to the past. We are going to live together, to develop this prosperous region, rich in its historical heritage, among the people who live here,” assured Mr. Tourchak.

As well as secretary of the General Council of the ruling party United Russia, he announced the upcoming opening of a Russian logistics center for humanitarian aid in Kherson.

The center, to be set up by United Russia, will specifically deal with the distribution of food and basic necessities and medicines according to the same source.

The city of Kherson, close to the Crimea annexed by Moscow in 2014, is the first and so far the only city of Ukrainian importance that the Russians have taken full control of since the start of their offensive in Ukraine on 24 February. He claimed to have taken it on March 3.

The Russian administration of this coastal city has already announced its intention to introduce the ruble there to replace the Ukrainian currency from May 1.

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