Senior Trump Organization official admits guilt over tax evasion

Senior Trump Organization official admits guilt over tax evasion

The Trump Organization’s top finance official, Alan Weiselberg, pleaded guilty Thursday to 15 counts. An admission that could put the family business of former President Trump and his children in a precarious position. Among other things, Weiselberg was prosecuted for tax evasion for 15 years through off-the-book payments. These were benefits such as car rental, home and private education that counted as income but for which no tax was paid.

The 75-year-old chief financial officer pleaded guilty on Thursday. As part of his deal, Weiselberg will be sentenced to five months in prison and will have to pay back taxes of about $2 million.

testimony against the company

Additionally, the CFO who has worked for Trump since the 1980s must also testify against his company. The Trump Organization is also being tried on fourteen counts. The hearing is to begin on October 24. A fine is imposed for slandering the company of the former president.

The Trump Organization owns hotels, golf courses and resorts around the world. Trump has previously dismissed the allegations as “Witch Hunt by Radical Left Democrats” And a “judicial misconduct,

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