Serbia threatens its neighbors – News from – World

Serbia threatens its neighbors - News from - World

Serbia’s attitude towards Montenegro and other countries in the region at that time is remarkably similar to Serbia’s attitude towards neighboring countries in the 1990s, under the guise of caring for the allegedly endangered rights of Serbians in neighboring countries. In short, the sovereignty of neighboring countries is threatened. This was stated by Montenegrin President Milo Jukanovic, emphasizing that this happened in the 1990s, resulting in the loss of 150,000 lives, the destruction of valuable assets created for generations in the former Yugoslavia, and those responsible. A judicial epilogue in The Hague for. , reported the BGNES agency.

He hopes that such mistakes will not be repeated for the rest of his life, but fears that they will be repeated. Jukanovic stated that he had borne the greatest political burden in restoring Montenegro’s independence, recalling that the policy was implemented on the Montenegrin Parliament’s 2009 declaration, which was referred to as the European Parliament’s resolution on the Srebrenica massacre. was adopted.

“Somewhere in our politics, no matter what act it did, has someone challenged the Serebrenica massacre or anything that might be considered the indisputable value of modern civilization. There should be no doubt that The Democratic Party of Socialists will continue to be prepared and responsible to contribute to this perception of Montenegro by the international community,” Jukanovic said. He also said that he would not hesitate to stop other political players on the Montenegrin scene from suspecting that the change of government could change Montenegro’s undeniably anti-fascist, democratic, pro-European and civic image.

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After a meeting with members of the Bosnia and Herzegovina presidency, eljko Komsik and Cefik Jaferovi, the Montenegrin president said that relations between the two countries were friendly and that those who put him on trial were behaving irresponsibly. He referred to relations between Montenegro and Serbia, recalling the misunderstanding of his views in Belgrade. According to him, this did not shake him, as he is an actor in the politics of the 90s, which on one hand is a burden for him, but on the other hand is a valuable experience that helps to avoid the mistakes made at that time and that The reason is that he warns everyone not to make the same mistakes in time.



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