Serious danger! they started erupting

  Serious danger!  they started erupting

The nearly 2-month incubation period of Chinese crocodiles, which are protected and artificially reproduced because they are classified as critically endangered, has come to an end. Chinese crocodiles begin to emerge from the incubation period at the Anhui Chinese Crocodile National Nature Reserve in Xuancheng city of Anhui province in eastern China.

will be completed in mid-September

After spawning, which begins on June 25, all incubation processes are expected to be completed by mid-September. Looking at the number of eggs, it is estimated that over a thousand Chinese alligators will lay eggs.

Xia Tongsheng, an official at the Anhui Chinese Crocodile National Nature Reserve Administrative Bureau, said in a statement, “Chinese crocodiles have laid their eggs since the end of June. Currently, these eggs have begun to lay eggs after an artificial incubation period of more than 50 days. More than a thousand Chinese alligators are expected to be born. said.

A unique and rare species

One of the unique and rare species in China, the Chinese crocodile is under first-class special government protection in the country. (UAV)

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